Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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My Hair Story and Regimen

My Hair Story

I always had thick/long hair that grows fast, my hair setback was in high school, I started letting all these hair stylest get in my head and damaged my hair, so the SALONS was my setback. Everyone with a LICENSE don't know how to care for hair,because I have had experiences with breakage from relaxers ,etc, because all they thinking about is the money and moving on to the next client. I'm not saying all beauticians/stylest are this way,i'm just speaking on things I went through with the ones I have dealt with in the past.My mom nursed my hair back to its healthy long state,so she is a huge part of my hair being in it's healthy long state it's in, PLUS I must say "SEW_IN EXTENTIONS has also been a a huge part of my healthy long hair success, I have a male hair stylest "BayBay" that I let do my Sew-Ins,he is really amazing,he takes his time, he give you exactly what you want,and he do the job RIGHT. My mom use to be a hair stylest in her past, before she became a nurse, now she is retired from being a nurse and military.I came across the Long Hair Care Forum in August of 2008,from a yahoo search, and that site has given me a new outlook on my hair and lots of tips also. But I must give thanks to my mom,BayBay,Long Hair Care Forum,and myself on my beautiful hair.

My Hair Regimen

This is my post from Long Hair Care Forum

1. What is your purpose for joining this challenge?

To continue my healthy long hair care journey.Having healthy growing hair is very important to me.

2. What is your current hair lenght?

APL reaching to BSL

3. Are you Natural or Relaxed?


4. What are your hair goals for 2009?

I want to continue to have healthy growing hair, I want to get to MBL, or close there for 2009. I will continue to use LESS heat, wear protective styles, stretch my relaxers much as possible,and stay on my hair vitamins.

5. What is your hair reggie?

My regimen is:

I use less heat as possible if not any at all, I stretch my relaxers,

I use Aphogee,Paul Mitchell,Motions,Olive Oil by Organic Root Stimulator, sometimes I use Creme Of Nature stuff and Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret Collection, and Dove.I wash ounce a week, I always deep condition my hair, saturday is hair wash day for me.

I do a Aphogee or Motions CPR or Motions Silk Protien every 4 to 6 weeks.

I always Mositurize and Seal with Pure Virgin Olive Oil day and at night before bed.

I massage my scalp ounce a week at wash day and when I do my Shea Butter Cream Mix to scalp,which consist of the following ingredients:

Pure Shea Butter

Vitamin E Oil

Peppermint or Rosemary Oil
Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

I use all silk scarfs.I comb and detangle gently, I do less brushes as possible. And I stick to male hair stylests. My stapple stylest is Bay Bay, he the greatest.

I may EDIT and add on, just be on the look out!!!

Thanks for reading my blog!

The Megatek History

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Monday, December 29, 2008


Hello everyone, I ordered some megatek a week ago, and I used the Megatek Cell Rebuilder before I deep conditioned my hair, I let the Megatek sit for 3 hours,then deep conditioned my hair for two hours, both with plastic cap. Then I use the little jar of megatek after I washed my hair and aplied all my leave in products, I put it on my scalp and massaged with my fingers.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Welcome To PrincessBeautyLounge!!!

Hello everyone it's Fatima, here at Princess Beauty Lounge Blog, this is my blog where I will share videos,tips,and chat about anything dealing with beauty. I would like to welcome all you ladies to the blog, feel free to comment,ask questions,share your tips,and follow my blog. This blog is part of my youtube chanel Princess Beauty Lounge ,so visit me there also

All women are a Princess in my book,and thats what Princess Beauty Lounge is about, having fun while sharing beauty tips and chating with each other.

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