Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Love For Mustangs

I have loved mustangs since I was a little girl, I had a red Barbie mustang car. I always said when I was a child when I grow up I want a pink mustang. Currently I have a beautiful 2004 GT Mustang Convertible, that I plan on having a custom paint job "Pink" and some custom inside work...I'm excited, hopefully before this summer is out. I loved mustangs since I was a child, til this day. I am in mustang clubs,and collect magazines. I love car shows and bike shows. I'm a girly girl that is really into mustangs.

Here is my beautiful car:

My next mustang will be:

2010 GT Shelby 500, this is hot too

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Nairobi Big Haul 'Youtube'

Nairobi Introductory Kit 8pc


12 oz comfort zone
16oz relaxer
8 oz normalizing shampoo
8 oz hydrating shampoo
8 oz replenish conditioner
8 oz leave in conditioner
8 oz wrapp it shine lotion
4 oz moisturizing hairdress




NOTE:Nairobi ralaxers can ONLY be purchases by a license hair stylist or ebay
Buy At: or Michy a licnese hair stylist:

The seller that sold me this relaxer on ebay:


Replenishing Hair Relaxer
Replaces oils, moisture and proteins. It is time efficient, relaxes evenly, and rinses quickly. Hair feels wonderful after every use because essential oils replenish any oils depleted after hair relaxation.

Comfort Zone
Sensitive scalp protector with healing oils. Conditions and adds moisture to scalp while relaxing. Creates a silkier finish and enhances straightening of hair. Keeps client comfortable while relaxing.

Normalizing Shampoo
The primary function of this shampoo is to cleanse and eliminate any residual alkali and mineral deposits on hair or scalp. Restores the natural Ph to freshly relaxed hair.

Hydrating Detangling Shampoo
Polymeric conditioning; silk and keratin proteins leaves hair fully moisturized. Hair is silky smooth and manageable; no tangles. Gentle enough to use every day for cleansing and moisturization.

Humecta-Sil Conditioner
A moisture replenishing conditioner formulated for dry, brittle hair. Natural ingredients and collagen proteins that work together to restore moisture to dry hair, and help reduce incidence of breaking & splitting. Hair responds with softness and body after the very first use.

Soft Finishing Leave-In
Protects against split ends and dry, brittle hair. Detangles hair for easy wet combing, locks in sheen and silken's the hair shaft.

Wrapp-It Shine Foam Lotion
You will love the versatility and performance. Your clients will love the feel. Saves drying time, prevents hardening of hair and hair breakage, eliminates combing discomfort for client. Adds fantastic silky sheen instantly.

Moisturizing Creme Hair Dress
A daily moisturizing creme that provides body, shine, moisture and protection for hair and scalp.

Essential Botanical Oils
For Hair, Scalp and Body Contains no mineral oil. All natural plant extracts moisturize dry hair and scalp. Can be used for instant shine, hot oil treatments, daily styling and body oil.

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