Thursday, September 3, 2009

OMG Split-Ender

So I was searching on ways to trim/dust my ends on yahoo,came across this site that has a great invention on getting rid of the split ends,but keeping your hair length,my eyes lit up, I'm gone to buy this on my next pay check REAL TALK, because I suck at triming/dusting split ends, so this tool makes it fast and simple. Don't take my word for it,watch their video,reviews,and buy it!!!

My First Flexi Rod Set

Hi, I did my first flexi rod set yesterday yall, and really happy with the results, I will be doing it a little more. Its easy and fast.

Heres the tools I used to get the look...

Here what I use to wrap it up at night....

Heres the look....

Thanks for reading and stopping by my blog,love ya!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sew In Extensions Takedown

Hello, today, I have taken out my sew in extensions, because next saturday is relaxer day for me, check my countdown here on my page. I think I have ten days left. I'm 11 weeks post from my last relaxer. This saturday I will do my Aphogee protien treament,since next week is relaxer day. Tommorow I will co wash with my V05,and do a flexi rod set. Thank you all for stopping by.