Friday, June 19, 2009

My Hair Journey/Nairobi Relaxer/BSL

Nairobi is the BEST, the relaxer has been the best I have EVER used in my regimen!!! Loving the Nairobi products, and Made BSL.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Hair Day Today/Relaxer

Hey everyone as you all know, my relaxer day should have been last saturday, but I was out of town in N.C. going through training to be a Barbizon Instructor, in which I will post photos from that trip soon. Tonight I will be getting my relaxer,I will be using Nairobi Replenishing Relaxer, Nairobi Shampoo/Motions Neautralizing Shampoo, and will use Motions CPR for ten minutes with plastic cap, then DC with Nairobi Conditioner/sealed with Nairobi Essential Botanical Oil for maybe 1 hour or 3 hours with plastic cap. Then after I washed the CPR/DC out, I will apply Nairobi Leave in,Nairobi Wrap N Shine ,and Nairobi Essential Botanical Oil, and Wrap my hair, and cover with silk scarf as always.

Updates on the Nairobi Relaxer results will come soon!!!!