Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Have A Sew In Extensions

Hello everyone, last week I got another sew in extensions,its been a while since I had one, I will be posting up pictures soon. As you all see my relaxer day is coming up, do to the fact that I just got a fresh sew in, I may stretch a little longer,if I do I will update you all,as well as my count down,lol.

Love Yall,Stay Sweet!!!

P.S. I co washed my hair yesterday, yes I still take care of my hair when i'm wearing hair extensions, thats very important,to take care of your hair under them extensions as well as the sew in extensions. All I did was added my co wash V05 conditioner in a applicator bottle ,and apply to scalp,gently massage, apply a little on the extensions, and rinse in shower.