Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lets Talk Water

If your urine when you tinkle ain't clear or light,your not drinking enough water...

Clear urine means your healthy and your drinking enough water and have a well hydrated body.

If your urine have an odor or cloudy looking,take your ass to the doctor something is wrong.

I study water, and have since I stopped drinking sodas in middle school when my doctor told me I need to drink water before I have kidney/bladder problems

Some medications can turn your urine different colors, but it's nothing bad.

CITY WATER has alot of shit in it, don't trust it, plus it's HARD WATER, when you take a bath ,wash your hair,cook with it,etc your gone to run into problems.....

WELL WATER /PURIFIED WATER,or Water from organic health stores are the BEST.

If you live in the city and use CITY WATER, get FILTERS ASAP, theres filters that fit sinks and showers

People that drink lots of water looks and feel healthy, plus their body love them for drinking more water.

Water flushes your system, help remove toxic/waste, it is a natural cleansing and purifier for the body, and can help you on your weight lost mission.